Active STEM learning with evive

The world is shifting towards new ways of learning, with rote bookish learning being phased out in favour of learning-by-doing. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is particularly benefiting from this movement, with students being able to learn by experimentation and unleashing their creativity. Getting students to actually experience the concepts that they are learning about makes much stronger impressions on their mind and facilitates improved learning.

evive is a self-contained prototyping lab which gives students all the tools they need for learning about circuits, building robots, and tinkering with all the objects around them. The idea behind evive was to make learning and building quick, intuitive and affordable, and we have done just that with the on-screen menu interface that gives easy access to all of evive’s functions without the need to reprogram the microcontroller for repetitive tasks. Students can learn at home by referring to a multitude of projects on the internet and connecting with the huge Arduino support community online. Features like the plug and play hardware interface make building and driving robots easy and fun, while the robust circuitry inside evive makes sure that they can try out their ideas confidently, without fear of failure. With programming skills becoming essential and interactive graphical programming environments like Scratch on the rise, evive’s Scratch compatibility allows the students to make programs graphically without worrying about syntax, and see their code actually interact with the physical world.


Be it building a toy car and controlling it from their smartphone, or making their own piano, evive enables students to get their hands dirty, build complex systems and program it, all within minutes! Students can learn the basics of electricity and electrical current by measuring voltage drops and current flow with evive, visualising it in real time using the mini-oscilloscope functionality. The best thing about evive is that when implementing their ideas becomes so easy and convenient, there is no limit on what the students can dream up and implement.

Introducing students to the world of electronics and robotics requires a humongous amount of investment in infrastructure, components and space. evive solves this problem by packing all the components they will need into a small, portable unit. It comes with learning modules like toy car, robotic arm and home automation kit which are easy to use Do-It-Yourself kits that serve as great examples for the students to start with. Complemented by these learning modules, evive offers an end-to-end active STEM learning solution which can be deployed with great ease. We are creating a huge base of video tutorials and documentation of projects that can be reproduced easily using evive, which will serve as a source of ideas for students and will help educators to create content for their curriculum.

You can learn more about evive here